The Inclusive Economy Partnership was conceived in 2018 to find innovative ways to solve the most pressing social and economic problems facing the UK.

It was set up in recognition of a simple truth: there are some challenges that can’t be solved by government, civil society, or businesses alone. So, what if we bring the strengths of all three sectors together and create a new model for solving the problems that they all have a stake in?

We believe in the power of partnership and we are harnessing that power to address some of the most entrenched challenges society is facing today.

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What have we achieved so far?

In 2018, we gathered 14 CEOs from business and civil society together with Government to design our approach. Working in partnership, we identified three flagship social and economic challenges that we think, if fixed, could make a huge difference to society.

We engaged over 200 organisations and made 230 introductions between social innovators and corporate partners – 100 of these introductions directly resulted in high impact partnerships.

An estimated £650,000 in additional grant support has been generated by the social innovators, and they have received an estimated £1.2m in savings and in-kind support.

All this hard work and commitment culminated in one key outcome: 50,000 people who wouldn’t otherwise have received support will now do so, as a direct result of the Inclusive Economy Partnership.

What’s next?

We want to create a step-change in the lives of those in the UK who need help the most. To do that, we need to scale up the Inclusive Economy Partnership.

We intend to go further and deeper into our three challenge areas as there is still so much more we can do together to affect change in each of the themes.

We want to inspire more businesses and civil society leaders to  step up and take action in three key ways. 


Connect us to individuals and organisations who are working on the same social issues as us. We don't want to reinvent the wheel; we want to amplify what's already working.


Increase the impact and reach of proven on-the-ground solutions, by partnering with one of our social innovators, for example.


Pioneer our new initiatives (like our Big Idea projects) which use the power of partnership to establish innovative solutions to age-old problems.

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